National Certificate in Water and Wastewater Management

National Certificate in Water and Wastewater Management
About the Course:

The course covers basic principles of water and wastewater technology so that participants are able to appreciate technology used and treatment processes involved at the treatment plants they work.

Course Features
Course Durations: 1 Year
Certification: yes
Study Level: National Certificate
Approach: Block Release
Calendar: January and May Intake
What you will learn:

The major modules are as follows:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Biology
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Support Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
Supporting modules offered at NC level
  • Basic Communication
  • Introduction to Computers,
  • National and Strategic Studies
  • Entrepreneurship Skills Development

On-the-Job assessment (OJET) and mentorship will be offered throughout the year

Minimum Requirements

For one to be considered for certification there is need to pass all the subjects including on-the-job assessment. The Operators or aspiring operators with 5 Ordinary Level subjects including Maths, English and Science will be encouraged to register with HEXCO and awarded a HEXCO certificate. However, those with 3 to 5 O’Level but lacking Maths, English or Science will be awarded an IWSD certificate.

Operators who will join National Plant Operators Training – Part 1 will receive a relevant IWSD certificate on completion of course.

Target group: Water and waste water treatment plant personnel (plant operators) (current and aspiring) from Town councils, Cities, Municipalities, Local boards, Rural district councils , beverage and oil companies , Drilling companies, water bottling companies .